Global Youth Summit 2018 Fully Funded to Switzerland

global youth summit

Global Youth Summit 2018 Fully Funded in Switzerland:

Global youth summit 2018 in Switzerland is an international youth network with Changemakers in 180 countries and each year we draw from this network and select a group of Peer Facilitators through a competitive selection process. The Peer Facilitators use their knowledge and experience to co-create and join our team in delivering each summit. The Peers form an integral part of each summit, offering sessions, leading activities, providing mentorship and more.

The summit brings together young people working on issues as varied as climate change, human rights, equality, corruption, peace, mental health and so much more! At each Global Youth Summit, participants are grouped by the issues that they work on in order to learn from each other’s experiences as well as use their issue to practically understand useful concepts such as Design Thinking Methodology.

global youth summit

All coming from different backgrounds and experiences, each Global Changemaker has a unique set of skills. We throw the idea of a traditional conference setting away for part of the summit where the participants decide what they want to learn, source these skills from within the group and then design and lead their own sessions in order to share their skills with each other.

Program Location: Zurich, Switzerland

The Global youth summit takes place in beautiful Switzerland and each afternoon and evening we take advantage of the long European summer days by organising optional activities such as nature walks, meditation, Crossfit, epic frisbee games, juggling and talking until the early hours under the endless stars at the bonfire. Each summit programme includes a day spent exploring Zurich including a boat tour on Lake Zurich and a cocktail reception in one of the cities many wonderful venues.

By becoming a Global Changemaker you too will have the opportunity to get the financial support you need to make your change happen!

We will be bringing 60 Changemakers to the 2018 Global Youth Summit for a fully funded, life-changing youth opportunity – a week of training sessions, networking and workshops. Participants will learn skills such as campaigning, fundraising, project management, leadership, public relations, pitching and more!

The 2018 Changemakers will join our global family of young people making a difference all over the world and be eligible to receive grant funding from Global Changemakers.


The application deadline is Sunday 4th March 2018 6 p.m. CET

Program Duration and Dates:

The Duration of the program is 1 week from 12-18 August, Switzerland.

What does the program cover?

If you are selected, your flight (from your country’s main airport), transport from Zurich to the summit, accommodation and food costs will be covered for the duration of the summit. Insurance and additional personal expenses, as well as visas, to enter Switzerland (for those who require one) will not be covered.

Application Procedure:

  • In order to apply you need to fill in an online application which includes a two-minute video describing your motivation and your efforts to bring about a positive change in your community.
  • Click here to see the instructions about a video.
  • There is also a 35 USD application administration fee, Please Note that the fee is less than 2% of the cost of bringing a participant to the summit. The application fee is very small. So, please do not hesitate to apply to this program as this program will cover all the cost including airfare ticket, accommodation, food and other transport in Switzerland. Read about application fee here.
If you have any question regarding application fee or recording a video please inbox us your message on our facebook page.
  • Why do you charge an application fee?

    Most of the team at the Summit work on voluntary basis, that means your application fee is used to help in the administration expenses organising an event like this entails. Also, by asking for a small fee (which constitutes less than 2% of the cost of bringing each participant to the Summit) we expect that people applying are really eligible to participate and are committed to being part of the Global Changemakers network.

  • Paypal is not accessible in my country, how can I make the payment for the application fee?

    If PayPal is not accessible from your country, we recommend you to ask a friend to make the transaction for you. We do not accept bank transfers as they often charge more in commission than the actual application fee. In exceptional cases, we may take Western Union transactions. Please get in touch with us on our Facebook page to further inquire about this option. You can also use your Credit Card.

A Message from Global Changemakers about Wester Union Address:

 You Have a New Message 

Global Changemakers replied to your message:

Thanks for contacting us. We use PayPal since it is the cheapest and easiest way to process the application fee. Many applicants have found a way around this by asking a friend to make the payment for them – could this perhaps be an option for you?

Alternatively, you may do a Western Union payment using the information below.

Address: Katherine Hermans 8038 Zurich Global Changemakers GYS-2017 Application Fee. 

Make sure you put the Money Transaction Number (MTCN) given by Western Union into the required field on the application form and to specify the transaction was made via Western Union. Good Luck!

Kind Regards,

The Global Changemakers Team

Is still you people have any questions about payment details kindly inbox us on a Facebook page.

  • Eligibility to Participate in the Program:

    We are looking for the most inspiring, interesting, enthusiastic, determined, innovative young social entrepreneurs, community activists, volunteers and campaigners who are working towards attaining the SDGs across the globe. Participants should be between 18 and 23 years old at the time of the summit.

  • Applicants from all around the world are eligible to participate in this program

    Click here to see frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How to Apply?

Step 1: Pay your non-refundable application fee. 

Please make sure to copy your transaction number to paste it into the online application form.

Step 2: Make and upload the 2-minute application video. 

Step 3: Fill in the online application form. 

You cannot save your application, so we suggest that you prepare your written application using the application guide as a reference and copy- paste your answers directly to the form thereafter.

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